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Our Purpose

This is the official Costume-Con conference archive website. We are partnering with Costume-Con.com to provide our visitors with access to all Costume-Con conferences past, present and future.

With these comprehensive websites, you will find information about upcoming Costume-Cons, Costume-Con history, links to other Web-based costume resources, and places to go for other costume-related events and materials.

We hope you’ll drop by often, and take this opportunity to update us on new links to costume-related web sites and “real world” shopping places as you find them.

Our Goal

We strive to place, online and available to everyone, the complete history of the annual event known as Costume-Con, including the committees, program data, participant and awards lists for all of the conferences, through local lists and links to the current Costume-Cons.

We are looking for anything related to the history of the conference, and will gladly accept the following: Program Books, Progress Reports, Fashion Folios, memorabilia, photographs, video records, membership information and anything else related to the conferences.

We will happily accept any archival material, to be stored indefinitely. If you would like to donate items to the Archives, please contact us. No item is too small or insignificant for us!

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Our History

www.Costume-Con.org is an outgrowth of the website for Costume-Con Fifteen.