Licensing Letter Template

This Licensing Letter should be mailed to the Service Mark Holder as soon as your committee has won the bid for your Costume-Con conference, as described in the Costume-Con ConStitution:


To: Service Mark Holder

From: Costume-Con _____ Conference Committee

RE: Costume-Con Name Licensing Agreement

In accordance with the Costume-Con ConStitution, we, the Costume-Con ____ conference committee agree to abide by the rules stipulated by the ConStitution, and in good faith enclose $1.00 to cover the licensing fee for using the name “Costume-Con” in association with our conference.

We agree that we will not use any other trademark, word, symbol, or design in combination with the “Costume-Con” service mark (the “Mark”) in any manner which would create a combination mark or give the consumers the impression that such other marks or their owners are associated with the Service Mark Holder.

We acknowledge the ownership of the “Mark” by the Service Mark Holder, agree that we will do nothing inconsistent with such ownership, will be by the authority of the license that has been granted by the Service Mark Holder. Nothing in this Agreement will give us any right, title or interest in the “Mark” other than the right to use the “Mark” in connection with the Costume-Con ___ conference in accordance with the license granted herein. We agree that we will not contest, oppose, or challenge the Service Mark Holder’s ownership of the “Mark”.

We further agree that by submitting this fee, we accept the responsibilities listed in the ConStitution, and that we will forfeit the use of the name “Costume-Con” if we do not carry out these responsibilities in an appropriate and acceptable manner.

Signed this ________ day of _____________, ________.


Chair, Costume-Con _____ conference


Treasurer, Costume-Con _____ conference

Costume-Con _____ Conference
City, State ZIP
(###) ###-####

Please return with $1.00 check (US funds only), made payable to Karen Schnaubelt, to:

Costume-Con Service Mark Holder
c/o Karen Schnaubelt (Dick)
P.O. Box 1
Beallsville, PA 15313
(724) 886-4459